Benefits of Having Cockroaches: Is There Any Good Involved?

Cockroaches and positivity never go hand-in-hand. When you think about them inside of your home, you probably cannot help but feel uncomfortable and unsettled. Believe it or not, there are some benefits of having cockroaches around. Even if they are only around until you can find the right steps to take to get rid of the infestation, it can be helpful to realize the benefits. From an ecological standpoint and learning about how cockroaches function, you might be able to see the bright side during a time when you are dealing with a pesky problem.

The Importance of Cockroaches in Relation to Humans

As humans, we are naturally somewhat wasteful creatures. We produce trash that needs to be placed in landfills. Even with recycling, our innate behaviors tend to be cumbersome to the environment. Cockroaches are the exact opposite when it comes to wastefulness. They are actually very naturally efficient when it comes to recycling and consumption. Cockroaches will eat just about anything. From food waste to dead plants and animals, they will not discriminate. For this reason, having cockroaches around can ironically keep your home and the surrounding areas cleaner.

The reason why cockroaches can operate like natural waste disposal machines has to do with their digestive makeup. You are likely familiar with the fact that cockroaches carry bacteria around, giving you the impression that they are dirty and problematic. While this can be true to a certain degree, this same bacteria is what allows them to consume almost anything. To a cockroach, these substances humans consider trash or waste can actually be turned into highly-nutritious food.

This does not mean you want cockroaches in your home, but they do a great job of keeping the planet clean when they are outdoors. With this in mind, you might change your mind about killing them as a way of removal. If you can trap them and release them into a more suitable area, they can keep helping the environment without disturbing you or your home life.

Removing cockroaches from your home without killing them is also a great way to ensure you are not coming into contact with their bacteria or allowing them to linger indoors. Once you kill a cockroach, you have to be very careful to disinfect your home and to make sure your hands are washed thoroughly. Any bacteria multiply very quickly if not properly disinfected.

Do Cockroaches Serve a Purpose?

Cockroaches transport pollen

When you see any type of bug or insect, fear is likely to take over. You will naturally want to kill it or remove it from your home. This is your natural instinct because you might not want to think about the bigger picture during a moment when your home is infested with bugs. However, cockroaches do serve a purpose. You already know they are great for removing waste, but they also benefit plants and their life cycles. While they are roaming outdoors in search of food, they also naturally transport pollen, which is essential for the survival of many plants. When plants are properly pollinated, they can reproduce and thrive.

Plants provide us with oxygen. Without the help of critters like cockroaches, there would be fewer plants in the world and less oxygen for us to breathe. This is a very helpful purpose that cockroaches fulfill naturally. It might even change the way you view them in their natural habitats. In addition to helping plants thrive, they enrich the soil that plants grow in. Since cockroaches consume so many different forms of waste, this helps keep the soil rich in nitrogen, which is essential to propagating entire forests.

Many other living creatures would become ill if they consumed the types of waste that cockroaches consume and thrive on. Without cockroaches and the role they play in the world, a lot of other living organisms would become ill due to a lack of nutrients they can actually consume. It all becomes a domino effect. While cockroaches might have a filthy reputation, they are actually doing their part to reduce the amount of filth around the world.

Scientists have even gone as far as using cockroaches to help create antibiotics for humans. Since they are so resilient, it is believed they might be able to help people fight staph infections. It is even believed they can help fight MRSA, which is naturally resistant to traditional antibiotics.

Do Cockroaches Impact the Environment?

Thinking about the bigger picture, it is clear that cockroaches have a massive environmental impact. They help clean the world because they can consume what would make most other living creatures very ill. This reduces waste and also allows them to serve a unique purpose. Without cockroaches and other creatures like them, waste would impact our own living conditions by making us sick or preventing us from having access to the nutrients we need for survival.

They promote the growth of plants and enrich the soil, which keeps the planet thriving. With their small size, cockroaches make a huge impact by being able to maintain healthy forests and other areas with heavy foliage. Since humans are naturally inclined to produce waste, cockroaches step in to help consume it. They turn waste into nutrients that allow them to continue cleaning up the planet.

Final Thoughts: Benefits of Having Cockroaches

Benefits of Having Cockroaches

Even if you cannot stand them, cockroaches do their part to protect the world we live in. This does not mean they need to linger in our homes, but they can thrive outdoors in natural environments to enhance the ecosystem. With this in mind, think twice before you go to kill a cockroach. You might be able to safely remove it from your home while still allowing it to act on its natural behaviors that help the environment.

You do not have to become a fan of cockroaches to realize the benefits of having cockroaches and that they do serve a big purpose. With this information in mind, you can now think about how to effectively keep them away from your living space while allowing them to do what they need to do at a distance. Cockroaches are impressive creatures, and they do tend to have a reputation for being dirty pests.

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