Is Consuming Cockroach Eggs Safe? | 4 Easy Tips To Prevent Infestation

With any pest that finds its way into your home, there is a chance they might reproduce. This can happen very easily and more often than people would assume. If the infestation is severe enough, it is common for them to get comfortable and begin mating. This is why getting rid of a roach problem as soon as you notice it is very important. If this does occur and there are cockroach eggs around your home, you should consider these important tips.

Figuring out what the eggs look like and what would happen if you were consuming cockroach eggs by accident is very important to your health. While there is not likely going to be a time when you choose to eat cockroach eggs, it is still a good idea to prepare for what might happen if you accidentally do. After you figure this out, you can focus on getting rid of the eggs and cockroaches by sterilizing your home so they are no longer tempted to stay put.

Cockroach eggs

What They Look Like

You will not find a single “egg” around if a cockroach is pregnant. What you will actually find is a sac that contains many eggs. Each sac can contain up to 40 eggs, which sounds like a nightmare if it were to hatch inside your home. What this looks like is a leathery material that protects these eggs. It will be tiny, smaller than a penny. You have to pay close attention or else you could overlook it.

There are many types of cockroaches out there, and their egg sacs will also vary in color and texture. For the most part, they are all going to be around the same size, though. A cockroach egg sac might be mistaken for a bean from far away. It can even take on a similar shape. As mentioned, the colors vary depending on the species. You might even mistake it for a fallen pill or capsule.

What Happens When Consumed

Cockroaches are dirty creatures, and this includes the eggs they lay. Since they eat food and animal waste, this is what they will have in their egg sacs. If accidentally consuming cockroach eggs happen, you likely will not face any serious repercussions, but you might certainly feel sick after it happens. Definitely keep an eye out for these egg sacs in your cups and straws you might use if you think you have roaches in your house. It is always a good idea to rinse them before using them.

If you have cockroach poison out and you accidentally consume their eggs, this is a more worrisome problem because this poison can make you very sick. One benefit is that the amount of poison is very small compared to your body versus the body of a cockroach. It will likely not be enough to put you in any kind of danger, but it can definitely make you very sick if you continually consume them.

You will likely know if you have consumed these eggs because you will feel sick pretty quickly since you are not used to having these toxins in your system. To avoid this, make sure you are keeping all surfaces where you prepare food and beverages clean. Disinfect everything, as well.

Cockroach infestation

Getting Rid of Them

Most pregnant cockroaches will release their egg sacs near a food source right before they are ready to hatch. This means the mother has to find a place that is not regularly disrupted and dark enough to create a comfortable atmosphere for the nocturnal beings. If you never clear out these tight and dark spaces in your home, they will make a great space for pregnant cockroaches to lay their eggs comfortably.

Disinfect your home regularly. You can do this by making sure you vacuum, mop, and sweep your floors. Use a sanitizing cleaner that contains bleach. Since bleach is toxic to cockroaches, even the residual smell will be enough to repel them from coming back to the area. Also, remove all food sources when possible. This means throwing away any food waste as soon as you can and making sure there are no crumbs laying around.

If you can, try to declutter your home as well. Cockroaches feel comfortable in tight spaces, and getting rid of these as much as you can discourages them from sticking around. They are going to move along to a different place where they can remain hidden and safe from predators. This is especially true for a pregnant female.

Is Consuming Cockroach Eggs Safe?

The thought of consuming cockroach eggs is enough to make anyone cringe, but you will likely be just fine if this does occur. To make sure it does not, keep your home clean and make sure there are no tight and dark spaces for cockroaches to dwell. If you make your space unappealing to them, you will not have to deal with an infestation.